• Tomo Aries

    Tomo Aries

    Tomo Aries is a bumbling queer disaster from nowhere in particular and a staunch defender of the Oxford Comma.

  • HipHopUnrapped


    Unwrapping social issues through hip hop lyrics. New post every Monday, start your week off with some food for thought. Check out HipHopUnrapped.com for more.

  • John Melo Music

    John Melo Music

  • PE Viau

    PE Viau

    Software engineer, DIY enthusiast

  • Mannyd


  • Alex Toth

    Alex Toth

    writin about music mostly | contact me alex.ml.toth@gmail.com

  • Berkan Karakuş

    Berkan Karakuş

  • Evan Linden

    Evan Linden

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